Our services include:

Messaging Services  (Delivery and withdrawal of documentation in client's offices, in Chile)

Electronic invoicing.

Web based Tracking with VHV Online. (Statistics, reports, in transit documents, and more)

Customs Brokerage Service throughout the country.

Trade Consulting

When it comes to the import/ export compliance, you need an experienced partner to trust. We can provide you with up-to-date information on customs regulations, guide and help you understand de international trade business and provide you with the necessary information to make good choices by making use of several international trade agreements when possible, and more.


All kinds of imports, providing guidance on imports formalities, documentary requirements and customs tariff benefits when applyable.


Interagency Liaison

We help you process Government clearance from several Agencies for required goods.


Special Requests concerning to Customs, like asking for refunds, clearance, etc.



All kind of exports, providing guidance on exports formalities, documentary requirements and customs tariff benefits when applyable.


Emission of the Chilean Certificate of Origin.

Document Digitalization 

Electronic folder with documents of each operation, with advanced digital signature, available to our customers.

Comprehensive Logistics Consulting in Foreign Trade

We are concerned with advising our clients, finding the best logistics solutions for their operations, always looking for the best cost versus quality ratio

Other Services

Reallocation of goods.





In transit goods.



Teléfono: +56 2 24717300

Email: vhv@vhv.cl

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