Your customs procedures, in the best hands.


Our customs agency was founded on September 1, 1966, by Mr. José Julio Venegas Alarcón, who was appointed by the National Director of Customs as General Agent of Customs Broker that same year, by resolution No. 2327.

With hard work and effort, he and his team managed to position our company as one of the best customs broker agencies in the country, characterized by its great alliances with important customers.

In 1985, joined the company Julio Venegas Cordero as a partner and attorney-in-fact, transforming this agency into a limited society company. Later, in 1990, he was granted the title of Customs Agent, by exempt resolution N°6794.

Today, Don Julio Venegas Alarcón is deceased, however, he will always be remembered as the founder and promoter of this agency. Julio Venegas Cordero has continued working to further develop the company and now with the entry of his son Julio Jenaro Venegas Bussenius, as partner and general attorney, they continue working to position this Agency at the national vanguard.


International Trade is characterised as being highly dynamic and demanding.

Constant changes in the market have caused traders to adopt modifiable business strategies, which may eventually alter several internal processes and structures.

Our challenge as service providers is to stay up-to-date with our client’s changing demands in order to serve as a pillar of support throughout this dynamic atmosphere.

We strongly believe that a high quality service is the reflection of a well-implemented business design, which is why we are ISO 9001 certified, the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard, granted by the company “FCR CERTIFICA”.

In this way, we perform in a dedicated manner, to become not only service providers, but reliable strategic allies.

Our commitment apply to both our clients and employees, who are the most essential components of our business.

  • We hope to continue as an industry leader through our reliability, experience and efficiency.
  • We hope to build business relations based on mutual support and collaboration that abides with our values.
  • We hope to stand out as an Agency that believes in permanent improvement, constantly striving for the success of ourselves, our clients and each person that collaborates in this logistic chain. 

Corporate Values

Our organizational culture and corporate values serve as a guide to provide our customers with a high quality service and face day-to-day work as an integrated team.

To encorage colaboration within the team, where each one of its members recognizes itself as part of the logistic chain.

Positive Spirit
Working with positive attitude allow us to deal and handle complicated situations.

We prioritize to serve our clients proactively, transparently and as fast as possible.

Constant improvement
We look for interesting challenges, we encourage our team to constantly empower themselves, strengthen their personal qualities and learn from others.

Prompt Adjustment
We require to be quick, positive and collaborative when it comes to changes and adapting to this dynamic market.